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Worldwide, Americans have invested $14.8 trillion in gold and recorded its price at $1,813.50 per ounce on May 09 you can check 10 carat gold.

US gold prices are influenced by economic activity, fluctuations in the gold price and the dollar. World gold prices range in US dollars from $1,225 per ounce to $1,299 per ounce.

Gold price has rebounded as the uncertainties in North Korea, Iran and Syria have decreased.

This increased the demand for gold for industrial use. Similarly, the US demand for gold rose as the economy has improved with rising GDP, unemployment and rising inflation.

This might not be one of the most celebrated days for Bitcoin, but for the rest of the crypto world, this is a turning point.

From as low as $6,000 to as high as $10,000 for one coin, an all-time-high increase has been achieved in 24 hours you can check all on 

One Ethereum token, ether, rose over 2,500% today alone. This is probably because of a massive spike in the value of Ethereum, the second most valuable currency in the market after Bitcoin.

Ether has a market cap of over $90 billion, whereas Bitcoin’s is around $120 billion. This was a big increase considering the relative maturity of the market. Before this, it was Bitcoin which was the big daddy of the crypto-market.

Bitcoin’s value started shooting up on Sunday and went on to hit a high of $64,433 at 14:00 UTC, according to the currency’s website. After a brief pullback, the prices started going back up again.

Bitcoin has broken new ground today with a market cap of over $1.1 trillion for the first time ever. Its market cap is now more than the market cap of Mastercard, and more than that of American Express and all four of the world’s top banks combined.

Not to be left behind, Litecoin has also soared more than 27% today. On the other hand, the primary cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has climbed more than 2,500% to all-time high above $3700 per Ether.

At the time of publishing, the Bitcoin/Ethereum (BTC/ETH) market cap was over $320 billion and the market cap of all the cryptocurrencies combined has gone up to more than $250 billion.

As far as Bitcoin’s short-term future is concerned, one Bitcoin coin has now more value than an ounce of gold. At a high of $10,377, Bitcoin was priced at over $1,500 more than gold per coin.

This shows how difficult it is to argue against the notion that the biggest cryptocurrency is the real deal.

This is not the first time Bitcoin has achieved such highs. The cryptocurrency’s value increased as high as $1,000 on multiple occasions.

What makes Bitcoin special is that it only requires a smartphone to operate and it’s nearly impossible to counterfeit.

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