The 3 Best And Best Exotic Weeds Of 2021

As soon as the energy decreases, the relaxation area helps with all kinds of pain and anxiety. Other lovers of exotic marijuana look for a certain smell or taste. Decades ago, finding marijuana of any kind was considered a great achievement.

To narrow down this term and help new search engines and users of exotic species, we start with the look as this is a great way to identify an exotic species. If you have smoked cannabis cookies, chances are you have had a Seed Junky creation that will adorn your lungs. Seed Junky also has an exclusive line of varieties via cookies called The Minntz: here you will find rare options such as The Soap variety. Skord Marijuana is a Washington producer that produces rare species of Seed Junky such as Hidden Pastry.

This popular Indica variety has a powerful THC level. It is one of the most powerful varieties on our list, with a surprising earthy and fruity taste with hints of coffee. There are really rare species, and these can have beautiful shoots and a unique smoke flavor and fragrance along with a stunning effect.

Malawi Gold has all the features of exotics, which makes it so rare. The taste would be sweet, there is a lemon flavor in the smoke and the appearance is attractive. The high is powerful and energetic and Malawi Gold is one of the favorite varieties, even for medical use, which says a lot about its quality. Looking for a rare strain and determining if it is rare is more difficult than just buying an exotic cannabis strain.

Get the right seeds from the right people and you have a high-quality, exclusive and exotic variety. We are past the days when we smoke every skunk the dealer has to offer. With pharmacies across the country and people literally devoting their lives to growing the stupidest drug on the market, we have more to enjoy than just using drugs.

Diablo extracts much of his genetics from the grapefruit and blueberry species. So you can imagine how fruity and delicious this herb is. Although it has a fairly decent THC content, most users love this variety for its taste! It also has really beautiful purple exotic cannabis strains peaks that producers like to show in their gardens. Physical characteristics also play a role in determining whether a species is exotic or not. Marijuana is not easy to grow (if you don’t believe us, you can consult our guide “Growing Weed for Beginners”).

When you smoke Bubba Kush, you can enjoy the scents and taste of chocolate and coffee, which is generally not found when smoking sprouts. Like Strawberry Cough, this strain also has a bit of a mysterious genetic lineage. An OG Kush hybrid is said to have pollinated an unknown plant, which was later speculated as a Northern Lights. At least no one really knows where this species gets its genetic history, but California producers and pharmacies have loved it since it took root there.

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