45 Travel Tricks That Will Make You A Better Traveler

You will enjoy your trip more when you work on rest days and you will get a better taste for a place if you spend more time on it. Do not plan a trip that will blow you from the capital to the capital every few days. Don’t be like two nights in Bangok, two nights in Phuket, two nights in Koh Phi Phi, when it will take a day to travel between them all, giving you a day to see those places.

Unfortunately, UK residents (and basically anyone who isn’t in the US) just don’t have access to the crazy number of points Americans can get with credit cards and so on. No problem in the UK: there are rarely sign-in bonuses and if there are they are worthless. I am also not really loyal to a particular airline: I fly 99% of the time with cheap airlines, they have no reward programs and I only take one or two long-haul flights a year. Since I spend a lot of time in developing countries, I rarely pay for things with a card, so I probably wouldn’t meet the spending requirements.

If not, there is reliable public transport?? Many tourist attractions and their surroundings are likely to find many locations in the form of guards, vendors, taxi drivers and more. If you’re looking for truly unique photo themes, consider focusing on some of these people who help run the tourist attraction and make them part of your photo.

Getting sick abroad is never fun and some countries are at higher risk for certain diseases than yours. Research and learn which travel vaccinations you need for the areas you want to visit, and make sure you get your vaccinations long before your trip. But to celebrate my trip every year, I update this guide with a collection of my best travel tips to help you save money, stay safe and inspire others to explore our world.

Everyone always needs an extra and / or backup phone charger when on the go. I swear on Apple brand Anchor phone chargers. Anchors last longer, are more durable and profitable. Long too, much better than Apple’s super short. Combine this with other travel gifts and it is the perfect accessory gift for travelers. Tired of hanging out with other backpackers?

Mind The Travel is my blog, where I share travel tips and my discoveries that have changed my life. You will find photos, my personal thoughts on various matters and of course tips to save money. I say this as someone who just moved abroad and could NOT pack a piece of clothing that is NOT in a suit box. I think I brought 15 here, all the different shapes, sizes and brands I could find in my house!

Her hobbies are fighting to write styles and looking for gelato. They think that food, beer, architecture and photography are some of the best things about traveling, especially when combined. Her travel blog, To Incertainty and Beyond, contains long-term travel tips, as well as humorous anecdotes from her journey through Europe and Asia.

Although the exchange rates at the airport are bad, I recommend withdrawing from one of the many ATMs in the terminal. If you don’t have a MasterCard / Visa card, just trade enough to cover your direct expenses. apartments in 77080 Exchange booths managed by the major Thai banks operate in all tourist areas and rates are clearly displayed. While some restaurants and hotels accept credit cards, smaller restaurants prefer cash.

You can brighten up a future journey, or at least make you think about how you travel in a different and new way. I like experiences over products, and this is one of the most exclusive travel gifts you can give. Tinggly heals the real EXPERIENCES that you can give to someone in countries around the world. Let your friends / family honeymoon, solo travel, business trips, girl trips or anything else?

They drown all the noise and are a perfect travel gift for someone looking for better noise reduction than small headphones that also have a good base and don’t hurt your head. I keep them on my return flights from Tel Aviv and New York for 12 hours and they don’t hurt and the battery life lasts the entire flight! I also slept with them at home when they were built next door in the early hours.

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